My name’s Duncan, I’m 13 years old, and I have Sturge Weber Syndrome.
That’s me in the middle with the red birthmark on my face… It’s called a port wine stain.
You know, a lot of kids like me get teased for having a facial difference.
Because my older sisters went to the same school as me, I didn’t really get bullied. Everyone knew I was Anne or Cayley’s little brother.
But there were still times I felt like I didn’t belong. It’s hard when you look different. It makes you feel different too.
But the first year I went to Camp Trailblazers, I felt like I belonged. Like I was home.
So many kids... and even ADULTS welcomed me. They made me feel loved.
I didn’t think I’d ever really fit in anywhere until I went to camp.
At camp, we all talk about our problems, and fears, and how we can overcome them, and it’s been so much fun!
With the holidays coming up in a few days, you could give a kid with a facial difference like me the opportunity to go to Camp Trailblazers by making a donation today.
I just wish that every kid with a facial difference could have the chance to feel what I feel when I go to camp.
You can help make that wish come true with your donation.
Please give any amount you can today to help more kids come to Camp Trailblazers to grow, learn, and have fun with other kids like me.
Thank you very much and happy holidays!
Camp Trailblazers Camper
PS Camp Trailblazers has so much stuff like archery and swimming, but my favourite part is sleeping over with other kids with a facial difference like me. It really makes me feel at home.
This holiday season, you can help more kids like me come to Camp Trailblazers to feel at home and share these awesome experiences. Please make a special donation today. Thank you!

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