Alberta Council on Aging

Since our Community Outreach Program began in January, we have presented in over 40 community settings across Alberta and to over 400 individuals. We have delivered a wide range of programs from Recognizing Fraud to Living Stronger Longer. We deliver these presentations at no charge as it is a part of our mandate to improve the quality of life for seniors. We believe that raising awareness through education is one of the ways we can improve that quality of life. 

Giving Tuesday is on November 28th and Alberta Council on Aging needs your help to continue our Community Outreach Program!

You can help us continue to provide these programs across the province in a couple different ways:
  1. Your donations help us continue our outreach program as well as cover the costs of our communications efforts, including our website and our quarterly newsletter, ACA News. You can donate online through our Giving Tuesday page or by mail.
  2. Your membership with Alberta Council on Aging is just one of the ways of showing your support for the work that we do. When we can count on your voice amongst our members we can present a more united voice.
  3. As a member of Alberta Council on Aging, you have access to this unique provincial network that addresses senior's issues through education programs. You have a meaningful volunteer opportunity where you can utilise and learn new skills. Alberta Council on Aging is always looking for volunteers to help us deliver programs, work casinos, and share their stories, poems, and artwork. 

In order to keep our programs running, we need the help of people like you. This Giving Tuesday help us improve the quality of life for seniors by supporting our us improve the quality of life for seniors by supporting our programs.

Feedback we have received on our Let's Talk Dementia program:

"Your session was rated as one of the most valuable sessions."

"Social inclusion for people living with dementia - great to hear in lay terms."

."The speaker on dementia was my favorite"

"Realizing things can be taken away from you in a moment and to appreciate what you have."

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