Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Our goal this #GivingTuesdayCA is to raise $6,050, which will bring us to $100,000 raised for the Canadian Brain Tumour Registry project so far. Brain Canada is DOUBLING all donations, so that’s really $200,000 towards the $460,000 total needed to make this Registry a reality.

Please share this request with your friends and family and ask them to give towards this project by texting one word: BRAINTUMOUR to 20222 to donate $10. We just need 605 people do this and we will meet our goal for the day. Or you can donate an alternative amount on this website.

Why does Canada need a Brain Tumour Registry? We asked this question on our Facebook page recently which was shared with this comment: “This is essential. It is mind-blowing that this is not already in place. DIPG tumours do not even have their own reference number in Stats Canada CANSIM tables so there is no way to truly see how many cases there are a year. With accurate numbers, comes better research funding and appropriate funding allocated to treatment for patients. A registry is a crucial part to finding a cure for all brain cancers.”

Together we will count every brain tumour, as every brain tumour counts! Thank you all!

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