Canadian Improv Games

Teaching teens to find the answers in themselves, in the moment.

The mission of the Canadian Improv Games is to teach the skills of improvisation to young people all across Canada.
Canadian Improv Games:
-Creates a learning environment that is challenging and fun
-Strives to showcase teens in a positive light
-Empowers youth through the development of creative self-expression and confidence building though improvisational theatre
-Creates a sense of community, and responsibility within it
-Encourages peer support and teamwork
-Develops problem solving and communication skills
-Encourage volunteerism by providing opportunities for graduated students to remain involved in the production of the CIG

Why Donate? Because:
-You want artistic programming to be accessible to schools across Canada
-You believe that improvisation helps young people build a very important skill set based in the enjoyment of teamwork, commitment and problem solving.
-You recognize the Canadian Improv Games programming’s positive contribution to the quality of our participants lives and mental health.
-You understand that your contribution enables the Canadian Improv Games to maintain our high standards of educational and artistic excellence
-You know that you can help make a difference See our free training videos here: