Canadian Medical Foundation

This Giving Tuesday help us support Canada's physicians in order to provide better health care for all Canadians.

100% of funds donated to the Canadian Medical Foundation are used to support medical students, residents and physicians:

Like the many medical students each year who find the stress and anxiety of medical school too overwhelming, but have already invested so much time and energy into their dream of becoming a doctor, that they feel they have no other options but to end their lives.

Like the physicians and residents who are so overworked, and frequently finding themselves in such intense and distressful situations, that they are considered taking their own lives. (The suicide rate for physicians is twice that of the general population.)

Like the one out of every 10 physicians who will become dependent on psychoactive drugs or alcohol.

Like the medical students and physicians who are dealing with mental illness but refrain from seeking help in fear of jeopardizing their careers.

Like the residents and physicians who have a physical injury or illness that is preventing them from practising and leaving them scrambling to make a living and find their new identities.

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