DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society


Check out our innovative programs that help reduce isolation, build community engagement, increase food security, and support families with their emotional and mental health needs:

The Food Security Program provides opportunities for immigrant, refugee and low income families to increase their food security through multicultural cooking groups and community garden activities. DIVERSEcity’s Food Security Program is comprised of the Community Kitchen Program, the Hazelnut Meadows and the Lionel Courchene Growing Roots Community Gardens Program. The FSKG program offers specialized learning opportunities and activities for parents with children aged 0 to 6 years, children aged 6 to 12 years, youth and seniors.

The Counselling Services Department provides language-specific counselling, outreach and educational services to immigrants and refugees within their cultural value system. Our programs directly address the needs of immigrants and refugees in their adjustment to the changes, challenges, and losses that accompany immigration to a new country. These programs provide short-term, solution-focused counselling and support services in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Farsi and English.

The Child and Youth Empowerment Camp runs through spring break and summer. It is offered at no cost to families and focuses on developing emotional regulation skills in children who have experienced challenges; family abuse, bullying, trauma, and/or significant changes in their lives. The camp incorporates best practices and is facilitated by trained clinical counselors. 

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