Greater Nechako Animal Welfare Society

Tuesday, Nov 29 is Giving Tuesday! Please Help Us Help Animals in Need!

Demand for assistance with feral, stray, and abandoned cats and kittens is growing in our community, but our bank account is not keeping up. Our costs are many: live traps, spay/neuter surgery, basic and emergency veterinary care, food, cat litter, and so on.
For the price of a coffee and a bagel, you can help make a difference to the lives of animals in Vanderhoof and the Nechako Valley! We are challenging everyone to donate at least five dollars and to have at least five friends donate five dollars!! Use your facebook, twitter, instagram accounts, email, etc. to challenge your friends to participate today! Our goal is to raise $1,000 for G.N.A.W.S. to help more animals in need in 2017!

If you would like to volunteer with G.N.A.W.S. as a director on our Board, with trapping (we can teach!), fostering, transporting, volunteer coordination or some other activity that you think could help us, please send us an email at and let us know.
The Directors of G.N.A.W.S. and the animals thank you for your support!
Greater Nechako Animal Welfare Society (G.N.A.W.S.) is a registered non-profit with the goals to:
a) Facilitate activities that improve the welfare of domestic animals;
b) Assist pet owners that may not otherwise have the means, to provide appropriate care for their animals;
c) Promote public education for responsible animal care
In 2016, G.N.A.W.S has:
- Trapped, Neutered and Returned 32 feral cats - 19 females and 13 males. Several female cats were pregnant at the time of spaying, eliminating another 56 kittens from being born homeless on the streets of Vanderhoof, for our total impact of 88 feral cats this year;
- rescued, fostered and adopted (or transferred to an adoption centre) 33 feral and abandoned kittens
- fostered, spayed or neutered and adopted 5 adult cats that were abandoned
- successfully relocated 4 feral cats to barn homes - three from Vanderhoof and one from Fort St James
- initiated a new education program with the School District, in partnership with the Lakes Animal Friendship Society in Burns Lake
- provided support for lother animal rescues in northern BC, including fostering, sharing food donations and providing transportation of cats and dogs
-  acted as an information and referral resource and referral for the public on animal welfare services in northern BC  at various public events, on social media, via email and snail mail

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