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Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders

Every contribution to The Looking Glass Foundation - no matter how big or small - makes a difference to the life of someone suffering from an eating disorder.

The impact of your gift.
You can provide more people with the help they need by contributing to Hand in Hand. Hand in Hand is a new, one-to-one peer support program for people suffering from eating disorders. The program is free to participants through the generous support of donors.

Your donation of $55.00 will provide Hand in Hand support for two months to someone who would otherwise be alone. It could be someone you know. It could be you.

"Thank you for initiating the Hand in Hand program, and for the care you put into matching me with my -volunteer supporter. She has really stepped up for me. This week, just knowing she was there for me, and not judging me, helped me out of a dark place." - Hand in Hand participant

About the Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders
The Looking Glass Foundation is a caring community of prevention and support for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders - and those who love them. We are all about getting to the other side of eating disorders, to eventually achieving a world without this devastating disease.

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