Lupus Ontario

Lupus is a debilitating chronic autoimmune disease. In Canada, lupus affects more people than AIDS, MS and Muscular Dystrophy. It mimics many diseases; lupus is known as the disease of 1000 faces.  Can you imagine the impact on a young person in the prime of their life who is told they suffer from an incurable disease that will impact them for the rest of their days?  Lupus Ontario is focused on funding research in hopes of finding better treatments and to one day find a cure for lupus.

““I was taken to Sick Kids hospital and was hospitalized for over a month. I was put in isolation and undergone several tests and was finally diagnosed with neuro-psychiatric lupus or CNS Lupus and had to begin 7 rounds of chemotherapy. I was very sick for a very long time and had to be home-schooled. After finishing chemotherapy, I was feeling ‘ok’ for about a month and a half before I began to flare again and had to start another 7 rounds of chemotherapy to stabilize my brain involvement. Unfortunately, being at such a young age and having so much chemotherapy will cause issues and struggles in my future. Through my crippling pain and often bedridden, I pray every day for a cure”. ~ Melissa

Like Melissa, many young children and teenagers suffer from lupus changing their once happy childhood into long hospital stays, chemotherapy treatments, joint pain so bad they cannot continue to play, run or even walk at times. Lupus medications often change the appearance, causing much weight gain. There are many different symptoms when it comes to lupus, often taking up to 10 years to definitively diagnose which leads to organ failure that requires kidney transplants and hip replacements.  There is no cure, but being a part of Giving Tuesday makes a big difference in the lives of those with lupus. The monies raised will help children receive the treatment they need. 

Please give...funding means better treatments and perhaps one day a cure for this debilitating disease.

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