Make Music Matter

Make Music Matter works in countries that have been deeply scarred by conflict, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women. Music has always helped people around the world to overcome hardship by providing comfort and consolation, and by helping them to directly address the most divisive issues facing their communities. Through our efforts, music also contributes to the prevention of violence and public health issues, and to raising awareness.

Make Music Matter believes in the power of music to heal, to empower, and to educate. Music is something that everyone can enjoy, from the most accomplished classical musician to the pop music shower singer. You do not have to have any special talents or skills to appreciate the power that music has.

This Giving Tuesday, we want you to give the gift of music to someone that you care about. There are a few ways you can do this:

1) You can record a song that you have written and performed, and send that song to your special someone on Giving Tuesday.

2) You can choose your favourite song and send it to your special someone on their FB/Twitter/Instagram on Giving Tuesday

3) You can surprise your special someone with a flash mob style performance of your song on Giving Tuesday

4) Get creative! Choose your own way of giving music on Giving Tuesday!

No matter which way you choose make sure that you #makemusicmatter that way we can share your gift with the world!

Keep your eyes out on Giving Tuesday for #makemusicmatter and give the gift of music!

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