North Rocky View Community Links Society

Did you know...
From April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, Community Links
*Supported 11,115 individuals (19% children 0 – 6, 21% children/youth 7 - 18, 50% adults and 10% seniors) through various programs and services.  (Over a seven year period we have worked with an average of 11,000 individuals annually);
*Worked with 7552 families;
*Connected residents over 13,761 times with various additional supports;
*Provided 19,561 referrals to individuals for additional support which is an increase of 2% over last year of 19,238 referrals;
*Been a resource and support for 16% of Airdrie’s growing population

Community Links 2016 Giving Tuesday Campaign will focus on Giving with PURPOSE, right here at home.  With a minimum $25.00 donation (or amount of your choosing) you can be part of making a change in someone’s life as every dollar makes an impact.  

Linking PURPOSE to Community (Links)
P = People focused
Community Links is focused on creating Strong Individuals, Strong Families, Strong Community by offering programs, services and information within Airdrie and North Rocky View County

U = Unity
Community Links staff, volunteers, and board work closely together to provide high quality programs and resources to the diverse population of individuals we have accessing services. 

R = Respite
You can offer a much needed break to primary caregivers to allow them an opportunity to relax, recharge and rejuvenate themselves by accessing Community Links Respite Programs. 

P = P.L.A.Y (Parent Link and You)
The P.L.A.Y. program provide parents/caregivers and their children 0-6 an opportunity to take part in a variety of interactive play activities, socialization and connection to Parent Coaches.

O = Options
With a donation you can provide an individual or family with an opportunity to explore their options in their time of need through Community Links Intake Services. 

S = Seniors
Our seniors continue to be valued, respected and supported through information, friendly visiting, outreach and caregiver support groups. 

E = Empowerment
You can provide an opportunity for a child, youth, adult or family to become empowered through one of the many groups offered through Community Links.  These groups are a safe and supportive environment to focus on improving coping skills, self-esteem, and positive personal change.

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