Ontario Nature

Without a place to live, wild species cannot survive. Right now, habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation threaten 80 percent of species at risk.

On Giving Tuesday, help make Ontario a safe haven for wild species.

Double your impact
Every dollar you give, up to $12,000, will be matched by our proud sponsor, Ontario Power Generation

  • $2 – Planting pollinator-friendly habitat in natural areas across the province with our Youth Council
  • $5 – Improving fish habitat to allow the proper flow of water at the Kinghurst Forest Nature Reserve for species such as spawning bass
  • $10 – Planting trees at the Sydenham River Nature Reserve to create habitat for sensitive birds such as the threatened cerulean warbler
  • $20 – Recreating habitat for turtles at our Sydenham River Nature Reserve
  • $50 – Creating habitat for pollinators like bumblebees, moths and birds at Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve

Even small donations can have a big impact. Please consider supporting our Giving Tuesday cause, today.

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