Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

Show your support to survivors. Monthly donations are vital to meet increases in demand. We offer survivors: free counselling program (crisis, long-term, group), 24-Hr crisis line, advocacy support, and accompaniment. Emergency response and advocacy work require more investment from individual donors in our community - it is vital to have well-trained people working alongside women when they need informed options and solidarity in their corner the most.

Public education is an important part of the work - talking about consent, forms of violence, supporting a friend, and prevention does not have to be fear based or anxiety producing. As a community we all have a role to play in supporting others and challenging this prevalent social problem. Lots of folks are empowered, strengthened, and feel like they are making a real tangible difference through rallying their communities to address sexism, the culture of silence, and a history of permitted violence against women.

Let's get people sharing and celebrating why they give to Ottawa Rape Crisis with their valuable time, hard earned money, personal effort, and creative energy. We will encourage volunteers, staff, and the public to share what inspires or empowers them when they give to ORCC and share this through Twitter, Facebook, Emails, and any other social media.

Your donations help us respond to crisis and build a stronger, more equitable response to address the high rates of sexual abuse and violence against women in Ottawa.

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