Regina Public Library

By supporting children’s programming at Regina Public Library, you can make a difference in a child’s life. Programs like Mainly Mother Goose (MMG) - a parent-child interactive program, designed for babies from birth to 24 months - provide a solid foundation for the educational success of young children in our community. Through a variety of interactive activities, parents learn about the importance of interacting with their child at home in a way that promotes the development of their child’s cognitive and language skills.

Did you know that a Regina Children’s Initiative study (2014) found that children in our city scored in the lowest 10th percentile when measured on early development skills considered necessary for children entering kindergarten? Such a score is well below provincial and national averages, and children with such scores are at risk for satisfactory performance in school.

Early development of literacy skills can have a long-term positive impact on a child, and programs like RPL’s MMG can make a tremendous difference for our children. Your donation will help support the many services and programs offered at RPL to better serve our community and improve literacy skills in our children.

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