The AIM (Ability in Me) Program

Thank you to each of our supporters and donors. Without your generous support, we could not be providing the specialized programming for children and youth ages 0-22 with Down syndrome. Together we are making a difference!

If you have not seen our space, we encourage you to stop by at 3314 Millar Avenue to have a tour of our space on November 28th anytime between 2:00 and 4:30.

We at the AIM Program, believe in the abilities of children and youth with Down syndrome . The expertise of the AIM team support children and youth to develop important skills to reach their full potential in inclusive school and community settings.

For GivingTuesday we are wanting to raise funds to support additional learners to be part of our Everyone a Reader Program. In the past it was believed that children with Down syndrome could not learn to read. We know that this is in fact is not true and that provided the right strategies and support individuals with Down syndrome can learn to read. It is never too early or too late to learn to read. We presently have 16 learners out of the 80 learners involved in our speech program who are part of the Everyone a Reader Program. We would like to expand this opportunity to more learners. Our goal for GivingTuesday is to raise $10,000.
•             For every $50 or more donation you will receive a t-shirt
•             For every $10 or more donation you will receive a bracelet
Donate now by clicking on the link below.  Please provide your name and address and size of t-shirt.

Since beginning services to the community in January of 2015, AIM has seen the number of learners grow from 42 to 90. As part of GivingTuesday we want to spread the word about our program. We know that there are families across the province who would benefit from our services that are unaware of our programs. Each year it is estimated that there are 19 babies born with Down syndrome in Saskatchewan. Last year, 9,363 babies with Down syndrome were born in North America. We are wanting to increase our Social Media presence by tripling our likes on our FB page with the hope to connect with more families and supporters.
During the GivingTuesday we will be asking parents to share the impact programming has had on them on our FB. You can help us by liking our FB encouraging your friends and families to also like and share.

The AIM Program is a non-profit Saskatchewan based organization located in Saskatoon. AIM is a solution that ensures individuals with Down syndrome have access to the services they require to reach their potential, but cannot be provided by an already stressed health and educational system. Services include speech and language therapy, inclusion strategies, literacy programming, music therapy and occupational therapy. Staff work collaboratively with parents and caregivers, as well as health and education professionals. No referral is required and a minimal annual registration fee of $100 provides access to all services. 

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