Vancouver Island Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Society

A general donation to the Vancouver Island PWA Society (VPWAS) goes directly towards our Positive+ Living programs, these programs offer a variety of activities and events to increase social interaction for people living with HIV/AIDS and HepC and improving their health and well-being. As well, this support helps us to continue to provide educational and outreach services, peer support, advocacy services, treatment information and volunteer opportunities for our many diverse members who are living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs). VPWAS is committed to taking a leadership role in developing programs and communities that support PHAs right to live healthy, positive, sexual lives and access the information, resources and tools required to help them achieve that. We believe that PHAs have the right to live within their individual framework of what it means to live positively, to feel empowered, and to have access to what they need to make healthy decisions within that framework and also that this will support any efforts to incorporate prevention (HIV infection/reinfection & STI) as part of their overall health and well-being. In line with our commitment and belief we are undertaking Poz Prevention initiatives to complement and strengthen existing HIV support and prevention efforts and that recognize that both HIV positive and HIV negative individuals have important roles to play in this work.