Weston Frontlines Centre


Frontlines is a community drop in centre located in an at risk neighbourhood in Toronto. Youth of this community face many barriers in this community including poverty and violence. To help address some of the issues, youth are facing, Frontlines offers an array of services to children, youth and their families in the Weston Mt Dennis Community. Our programs include those targeting children (6-12) which include our Homework club, Guitar hero. So you think you can cook, summer and march break camp and those that target youth (13+) such as Leaders in Training Program, “Don’t Front” Mentoring Program, Store Front Youth Entrepreneurship Showcase Days and the Catering Careers Program.

This year, Frontlines will be hosting a free meet up at the Weston Go Station. Thanks to our partners at Metrolinx, Starbucks and Little Caesar, we will be offering free coffee and tea in the AM (7 to 9) and in (4-6) in the PM

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