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Help us raise funds to cover some of the costs to bring in local and International presenters for our Puppet Power Conference.  Puppet Power is a biennial conference that examines the power of applied puppetry.  This year's theme, STORY, explores how puppetry, entwined with stories, can connect, empathize and make meaning of our world today. 

The conference will help people use the power of puppetry and give them tools to make a difference.

Past conference participants said:

"The presenters captivated the audience through stories of surmounted barriers and unforeseen social transformations and illustrated the important of play for the human soul."

Featuring amazing local and international presenters including:

"Support the Story - as we bring presenters from around the world to give our conference participants valuable skills and inspiration to use puppet power to make a difference"  

More information about our conference at http://wppuppet.com/puppet-power-2018/

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