Accessibility Renovations for Kids

ARK is a non-profit organization based in Calgary, AB. Our mission is to ease the daily lives of children with mobility challenges by providing renovations or modifications to their family home. For GivingTuesday, ARK aims to raise $30,000 for accessibility renovations to the family home of a child that suffers from a rare neurological condition

Born to a troubled mother, Caleb had the potential for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Despite this increased risk for developmental challenges, Andy and Jay chose to adopt young Caleb from birth. At 3 months of age, Caleb began suffering from intense seizures and it was discovered he had a rare neurological condition, called polymicrogyria, that will leave him with significant physical and neurological impairment for the rest of his life. The family has done a remarkable job of caring for Caleb, and are doing their best to give him the quality of life he deserves. Caleb is a happy, spirited 8-yr-old boy today, but as he continues to grow, the family home is not sufficient to meet his needs. For example, the main bathroom needs renovating to increase floor space and allow for the installation of a new accessible bathing area. ARK is thrilled to be able to fully renovate the bathroom in the new year for Caleb and his family – however, we need your support to do it.

ARK is fully volunteer-based and relies completely on the generous support of our donors and sponsors. Please consider supporting ARK in our efforts to help Caleb and his family enjoy a more accessible home, and reshape Caleb’s world!

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