Aura Freedom International

Aura Freedom is working in Nepal with our Outreach program, providing education, awareness, and access to services for vulnerable women and girls living in remote communities of Nepal. By informing women and girls of their human rights and the services they are entitled to, they become empowered to challenge the societal norms of gender inequality and discrimination.

This Giving Tuesday, we are giving the girls of our Outreach program a Day of Empowerment! This day includes:

  • An awareness session on child marriage & a girl's right to refuse
  • A menstrual health education session & sanitary napkins
  • Access to reporting services for young victims of violence
  • Counselling for young girls in need
  • Nourishing snacks & tea
  • A theatre/musical performance highlighting the issue of gender-based violence

Most of the girls we serve are hearing about their rights and the dangers of practices like child marriage for the first time. Help us help girls create lasting change for themselves and for their futures.

Happy Giving!

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