Burns Bog Conservation Society


The Burns Bog Conservation Society aims to educate and engage the public on the importance of protecting Burns Bog & the world’s peatlands. We achieve our goals through education programs. These programs allow people of all ages to learn about Burns Bog, the largest undeveloped urban landmass in North America.

What We Do:

- Conduct educational programs (in English & French) including guided nature walks, fieldtrips, summer day camps, an annual Nature Festival, & in-class workshops
- Build, fund, and maintain the boardwalk system in the Delta Nature Reserve, the only accessible part of Burns Bog. You can enjoy this ecological gem without damaging the sensitive vegetation. The boardwalks are stroller, wheelchair, and bike accessible
- Research Burns Bog, peatlands, and wetlands & raise their profile over social and printed media
- Publish education material about peatlands, wildlife, & Burns Bog for all ages
- Create public campaigns against development projects that threaten the ecological integrity of Burns Bog
- Partner with environmental organizations, academic institutions, & international agencies to promote environmental stewardship, volunteer opportunities, & work experience for international and local youth
- Host awareness events such as Jog for the Bog, Art Contest, Bog Escape, and the Pilgrimage to Burns Bog

. Our vision is a world filled with environmentally-connected and conscious citizens. This can only be achieved if youth are informed and inspired. We need your help to fulfill our vision. Your help shapes Bog Defenders for your future.

What others are saying about the Society:

"The Society educates because it is the first step to conservation."

— Charles Konopski

"My brother was terminally ill with a brain tumor. The only place he could find solace was in the Delta Nature Reserve, sitting in his wheelchair, taking in the smells of nature from the perfume laden air."

— L.D.

"Burns Bog is just like one BIG theme park! It's like National Geographic but for real! "

— Summer Day Camp Student

"[The] Society does an incredible job...It works to safeguard the bog by informing the rest of us about things that damage the bog, which [we] would not know about if it were not for the society. [They] who work tirelessly for [our] betterment...[creating things needed] for the health of the world."

— Catherine Holman

“This Society works tirelessly to preserve this Ramsar designated site as the” lungs of the lower mainland”. They teach us conservation, bird and plant identification, have built and maintained pathways inside a portion of the park for visitors to breath the clean air this park provides while we get our exercise amid the trees to learn about the flora and fauna. They are a school resource book in situ. They manage this on a shoestring budget.I vote without reservation for the Burns Bog Conservation Society to win the Best Community Impact Award.”

-Phyllis Ruthven

Your donations make the difference. Think of it as carbon credits for your soul. Thank you.

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