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Bibles for the Growing Church in Cuba

In the last two decades, God has been blessing Cuba’s churches with unprecedented growth. A recent report states, “The Catholic Church now has more than a million active members, and the number of Protestant Christians has increased threefold over the past decade to at least 900,000. Total, that’s around 20% of the 11 million people in Cuba—and rising.”

With the increase of believers comes the challenge of providing Bibles, an essential tool for their spiritual growth. A Canadian Bible Society representative saw first-hand the great need for Bibles during a visit to churches in Cuba in 2014. For example, at a church of 125 believers, they share only six copies of the Bible among themselves. From church to church, their cry is consistent: “We need Bibles!”

This Giving Tuesday, the Canadian Bible Society will help provide at least 240 Bibles to Cuban churches within 24 hours. That’s 10 Bibles per hour (at $5/copy). Help us double our goal by giving generously today!

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