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This GivingTuesday, please help prevent child abuse in Peru

Welcome to the Canadian Bible Society’s GivingTuesday page! On November 28, 2017, CBS will raise $10,000 to support the Peruvian Bible Society’s program to prevent child abuse.

The Reality in Peru
  • 31.77 M – total population in Peru
  • 10,000 children sexually abused in 2016 only
  • 40% of the country’s population is under 18 years old
  • 550K children grow up without parental care

Specialists say that the stages for eradicating child abuse are: prevention, care and protection. Unfortunately, violence towards children in Peru exceeds the capacity of state bodies to provide protection. The Peruvian Bible Society – in partnership with the Canadian Bible Society – realized that they can play a role in helping prevent child abuse through Bible-based workshops with children, teenagers and adults.

Program Implementation
The program’s main goal is to prevent child abuse through Bible-based workshops and through the provision of anti-child abuse resources to the public. At the workshops, children learn to identify possible abusers, various forms of sexual abuse, and ways to react in situations where they feel they are at risk. The Bible Society also trains teachers and church leaders to detect, prevent and respond to child abuse. Since many cases of child abuse occur at home, the Bible Society also conducts workshops with parents, encouraging them to become better parents through the “anti-smacking symbolic vaccine” cards.

In these workshops, facilitators use Bible-based resources produced by the Peruvian Bible Society.

Program Impact
In 2016 alone, through the Prevent Child Abuse program…
  • 11,608 children have learned to identify different forms of sexual abuse and bullying as well as ways to react in situations where they are at risk.
  • 1,200 school and church teachers have been trained in detecting, preventing and reacting to child abuse and ill-treatment.
  • 6,042 people have received guides and training to promote the good treatment and protection of children.
  • 2,000 people have committed themselves to being better parents through the “anti-smacking vaccine” cards.

How you can support
Your support today will help the Peruvian Bible Society continue the Prevent Child Abuse program. For $40, you will be able to provide life-changing training and Bible-based materials to 30 children.

This GivingTuesday, help the Canadian Bible Society raise $10,000 to reach out to 7,500 school children, parents and church volunteers with the Bible-based education they need to help prevent child abuse at home and in their communities.


For more information about the program, Prevent Child Abuse in Peru, please email or call 1-800-465-2425.

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