Canadian Diabetes Association - Catherine's Fight with Team Diabetes

Welcome to my journey. Every year I like to learn a new skill or try something new and BOY OH BOY this year I choose something that will challenge me. I have decided to run a marathon AND fundraise the funds needed in only 6 months! I have run 2 half marathons before, but this FULL marathon will push me to new levels I have not been before.

Until you have a family member or loved one in your life diagnosed with diabetes, some people have stigmas against those who have diabetes. Education to health care professionals and educational materials for those who have type 1 and type 2 diabetes is very important.
By fundraising I hope:
- the funding will continue to support the webinars I and my peers watch
- that new diabetics can learn about their disease and receive the services they require
- those with diabetes can control their blood sugars so there is does not cause further damage to their bodies
- and to send a child with type 1 diabetes to camp within the province.

Thank you for your time and donation. Every dollar is one step closer to my goal!

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