Canadian Physicians for Life

People around the world will come together today, Giving Tuesday, to celebrate generosity and to make an impact. 

At Physicians for Life, our goal is to promote a culture of life in Canada by equipping our medical students, by supporting our pro-life physicians, and by engaging Canadians.

Our end? To save lives and protect the vulnerable through our students’ and physicians’ work and influence.

We support a culture of life by:
  • Hosting the only pro-life medical conference in Canada: It’s our biggest event and our best opportunity to equip and train pro-life medical students for the ethical challenges and opportunities they’ll face in medical school and beyond.
  • Providing programming for medical students by providing them with mentors and educational opportunities so they can stay informed on matters of bioethics, conscience rights, and pro-life apologetics.
  • Accompanying pre-med students as they navigate the admissions process. To ensure that there remains a pro-life ethos within the medical profession, we are supporting the next generation of pro-life physicians.
  • Engaging the courts and government to advocate for the protection of the vulnerable and to affirm conscience rights.

This is an unprecedented time in Canadian history. Doctors and medical students are facing new and challenging ethical issues, such as the decriminalization of euthanasia and RU-486. There are also unprecedented challenges to physicians’ conscience and religious rights, like the policies developed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
Given these changing times, the work of Physicians for Life is needed now more than ever before.

Join us in our fight to preserve the respect and ethical treatment of every human being by making a donation today.

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