Child Development Institute Foundation

We deliver critical mental health programs to children, youth and families.

At Child Development Institute, we deliver programs and services to over 3,000 children, youth and their families each year, helping to treat the invisible disabilities children and youth are experiencing.

Children and youth, through no fault of their own, face complex barriers that may affect their mental health. Trauma, family violence, behavioural disorders and learning disabilities complicated by mental health issues (LDMH) are some of the many challenges children and youth are currently experiencing. While these challenges may not be visible to the outside eye, they can have a profound impact on a child’s life, affecting their relationships at home, at school and within their community.

Our evidence-based programs deliver proven results that make a difference for children and youth who might otherwise fall through the cracks in our health, education, child welfare and justice systems.

Through your support, we can help transform the lives of Toronto’s most vulnerable families.

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