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Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

WHO ARE WE? We are an organization that provides veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured, orphaned, and sick wildlife through donations and a dedicated group of volunteers.  (Check out our videos and wildlife stories here )

With ever increasing numbers of wildlife being admitted; our fixed costs have dramatically increased; food costs and other expenses are growing; space is at a premium to house the wildlife and so we find ourselves needing to increase our committed monthly donor base.

That’s where YOU come in! CWRC does incredible work with beautiful animals and you can be a part of that! By becoming a monthly donor you will help our wildlife receive the treatment, care and opportunity for release they need. Even $10 a month will help!

With $10 a month you can feed a Barred owl for a couple of days.
With $20 a month you can feed a Northern Saw-whet owl for a week.
With $30 a month you can feed a Red-tailed hawk for half a week.
and so on...

Our need for food, medicine and supplies is ongoing so it is vital for the survival of CWRC and the wildlife that we have a healthy group of wonderful donors who provide ongoing monthly donations.

A stable base of monthly donors:
  1. Provides reliable source of funding for Food, Medication & Housing for the critters
  2. For CWRC - Easier planning: We can plan ahead!!
  3. Better budgeting
  4. Less costly: We can reduce admin costs
  5. Increased Focus: We can worry more about the wildlife and less about fundraising.
  6. For you? Make tax time easier: Receive one cumulative tax receipt at the end of the year.
  7. Feel good: Once your donation is set, you can feel good knowing you’re making a difference every month.
Our Goal is to add 100 new donors to our monthly donor base by 28th February, 2018.

People LIKE YOU! Be a part of this wonderful organisation - Click on the link and select DONATE MONTHLY to really make a difference!.

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