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Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) is a creative non-profit, social enterprise built to support and empower those in developing nations through educational opportunities, health services, and tools for sustainable development.

CEF is the only volunteer organization that rallies creative professionals worldwide to use their skills to generate continuous revenue for projects that empower developing nations with access to education, health services and tools for economic sustainability.

For this year’s Giving Tuesday, we are proud to be partnering with Kina Social Ventures Society to support girls at risk in rural Nepal. Kina currently provides educational support and healthcare services to about 100 girls in eastern Rural Nepal. Focusing on long-term support programs, such as their Scholarship Program, Kina works alongside teachers, local NGO’s, women’s groups and PTAs to identify girls who are at risk of not staying in school due to circumstances out of their control.

In 2015, one such circumstance affected more than 5 million people in Nepal. Devastating earthquakes destroyed much of the infrastructure in the country, which included many of the region’s schools, leaving many children without education.   After the earthquakes, Kina provided short-term aid support by delivering emergency food and temporary shelter to some of the hardest hit areas, and then funded the construction of 5 temporary learning centres to get kids back to school. Kina is now committed to rebuilding 4 permanent earthquake-resistant schools in the region where the majority of the girls in the Kina Scholarship Programs live. Earlier this year, CEF partnered with Kina to fund the building of an earthquake resistant school in the village of Waku. The school is nearly finished and the girls are already attending classes in the building.

Education is the key to success for a place like Nepal, not only for the country as a whole but also for the girls who are at a much higher risk of exploitation since the earthquakes. Education for individuals in rural regions opens the door for potential employment in larger centers where there are far more opportunities to succeed. But without a degree or trade skills training, there is very little chance for success for these girls.

For Giving Tuesday, we're raising funds for Kina's college scholarship program for girls. The cost of this program is approximately $300 US a year per girl. The level of financial funding is tailored to the specific needs of the individual – ranging from orphans and single parent families who can’t afford to send their daughter to school, to those needing to stay in our Girls Hostel Program. To help the girls make the most of their education, Kina also provides access to healthcare and tutors when needed.

Through the generosity of supporters like you and CEF, Kina will help improve the lives of young women in Nepal by providing them with the tool they need to succeed: education. Giving a small group of women a college scholarship—combined with educational support, healthcare, and housing as needed—will have a major impact on their families and their community at large.

For Giving Tuesday 2016, CEF will match every $1 (up to $7,500) donated towards the program. This means your donation will double in impact!

Thank you from the board and volunteers of CEF!

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