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Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) is a creative non-profit, social enterprise built to support and empower those in developing nations through educational opportunities, health services, and tools for sustainable development.

CEF is the only volunteer organization that rallies creative professionals worldwide to use their skills to generate continuous revenue for projects that empower developing nations with access to education, health services, and tools for economic sustainability.

For this year’s Giving Tuesday, we are proud to be partnering with Kids International Development Society (KIDS) to support their youth scholarship program, Smart Kids. We have partnered with KIDS on several past projects in Cambodia, such as a floating health clinic, a girls’ washroom, and new classrooms. This is the second time we have partnered with KIDS for Giving Tuesday.

KIDS has been working with and supporting youth in a poor area of Cambodia called Kompong Khleang for several years. Most of the families in this area work as labourers in the brick factories or fish for a living, making very poor wages. Many of the parents are illiterate and have little or no opportunity to better their lives or the lives of their children. As a result, most of the children work part-time in the brick factories and, without an education, will continue to live in poverty. 

The city of Siem Reap is only an hour away from this community where there are opportunities for further education and employment once the students have graduated from high school. English and Grade 12 are both necessary for young adults to get a decent paying position and, in turn, assist their families to live better lives. 

Enter the Smart Kids program. Choosing some of the poorest children and youth in this area, KIDS works with families to assist one child per family to get an education. Taking a holistic approach to education, youth in the program receive books, a backpack, a school uniform, solar lights, school fees for Cambodian school, daily English classes, English tutoring on Sundays, and a bike to travel to school. To help the youth make the most of their education, KIDS also provides access to healthcare when needed. 

Through the generosity of supporters like you and CEF, KIDS will help improve the lives of youth and their families in Cambodia by providing them with the tool they need to succeed: education. Giving a small group of youth a high school scholarship—combined with educational support and healthcare as needed—will have a major impact on their families and their community at large. 

At present, there are 33 students in the program. It costs approximately $400 a year to attend the Smart Kids program.  For Giving Tuesday 2015, CEF was able to sponsor 11 students. 

For Giving Tuesday 2017, CEF will match every $1 (up to $3,000) donated towards the program. This means your donation will double in impact!

From all of us at CEF, thank you for supporting this worthwhile program.

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