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Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) is a creative non-profit, social enterprise built to support and empower those in developing nations through educational opportunities, health services, and tools for sustainable development.

CEF is the only volunteer organization that rallies creative professionals worldwide to use their skills to generate continuous revenue for projects that empower developing nations with access to education, health services and tools for economic sustainability.

For this year’s Giving Tuesday celebration, we are highlighting International Development Society. KIDS works in partnership with each community, family and community based organization to assess and address the needs from the perspective of each unique situation.

In Cambodia, especially in rural areas, parents often cannot afford the costs associated with school and require their children to work or help with household chores. Many children work in factories to help support their families and are unable to go to class. These factories are often the homes for these children too. They live on the grounds.

Education is one of the keys to escaping poverty but, unfortunately for many children, poverty is the biggest barrier to attending school. Families in that area have very low incomes, mostly derived from fishing and labour – in this case, primarily brick factories. The children, ages six and up, work in the factories alongside their parents, in poor working conditions, often operating dangerous machinery or stacking bricks in kilns.

This is where Smart Kids comes in. The program helps break these vicious cycles of poverty by supporting one child from each family by providing education-related expenses like uniforms, school supplies, and a bicycle to commute between home and school. The program also covers Cambodian school costs and English classes.  An education, and especially English lessons, is a ticket out of the difficult situations many of these children endure. The children work hard, often going to school in the morning, then to work in the afternoons, and take English classes in the evening

Through the generosity of supporters like you and the CEF, KIDS will improve the lives of children and families by providing: housing, schools, clean water, education, medicine, and small business grants. KIDS also supports local hospitals, orphanages, women’s cooperatives, clinics and children’s shelters. KIDS works with very poor populations to assist them in a variety of ways.

For Giving Tuesday 2015, CEF will match every $1 donated and a private donor will also match that dollar (up to $3,000) towards the program. This means any donation will triple in impact!

Your contribution goes a long way; one donation can bring in revenue for years to come. Thank you from board and volunteers of CEF!

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