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Will Ontario's Moose Sink or Swim?
Moose sightings used to be a common occurrence, but more and more spotting a moose is becoming rare. in 2015, thanks to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, we discovered very concerning data that the moose population in Ontario had shrunk by 20% and continues to decline. Not only that, there is up to 50-60% moose decline in some areas. In other jurisdictions like Manitoba and Minnesota, changes to sport hunting have been the response to the decline in population. But not in Ontario. No, in Ontario, all moose are fair game. Even calves.

That's right. In most of Ontario, you can STILL hunt a moose calf.

We understand that there are many factors in the decline of moose and in fact all species, like climate change, predation and other factors. However, to most people including many hunters, it doesn't make sense to permit killing of moose calves if the population is in trouble. Why kill the future breeders?

This holiday season, help us keep Moose common. Don't let them follow the path of caribou and other threatened and endangered species. There's still time to take action and slow their decline. Wildlands League has a plan. Read more here.

CPAWS Wildlands League has been working in the public interest to protect public lands and resources in Ontario since 1968, beginning with a campaign to protect Algonquin Park from logging.

We have extensive knowledge of land use in Ontario and a history of working with governments (provincial, federal, Aboriginal and municipal), communities, scientists, the public and resource industries on progressive conservation initiatives. We have specific experience with impacts of industrial development on boreal forests and wildlife that depend on them, as well as dedicated protected areas establishment and management expertise.


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CPAWS Wildlands League is one of thirteen chapters of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Canada's ONLY nation-wide charity dedicated to protecting our Wilderness - YOUR public land!  We need your support today to continue to help protect our large landscapes!

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