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Dalhousie Legal Aid Service

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service (DLAS) has been in operation since 1970, when it began as a summer project out of the former Halifax Neighbourhood Centre. It was the first legal Service for poor people in Nova Scotia and is the oldest clinical law program in Canada. DLAS does community outreach, education, organizing, lobbying and test case litigation to combat injustices affecting persons with low incomes in Nova Scotia.
Last year we successfully campaigned for $3500 for new chairs in our lobby and interview rooms. This year our focus is on our students. Students that come to DLAS work tirelessly on our cases and community files in a building that is quite run down and at times unwelcoming.
We'd like to give the students a place where they can take a breather from their work and their clients. Where they can find some comfort and be able to eat their lunch in peace. We'd like to give them a student lounge!

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our students and it's time for them to get a little recognition back.
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Remember every dollar counts! Our students will thank you for it!

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