East Scarborough Storefront


We're giving you the "mic" so you can tell us why The Storefront matters to you. Why do you visit, volunteer, donate, or otherwise work with The Storefront?

On #GivingTuesdayCA, East Scarborough Storefront celebrates the power and strength of all the people and organizations who live or work in or support and share our home: the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood - Our KGO. All together, we are building a vibrant, connected community.  And a connected community matters, because when we have one, people learn, live healthy lives, find meaningful work, play and thrive. 

Please give us your thoughts: Let us know what The Storefront means to you!

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Thank you for your passion, energy and effort in building up this community.

If you’re inspired by what’s happening in KGO at The Storefront, please

Please consider monthly giving. Community change takes people, patience and time. Your ongoing support of any amount helps fuel change that will last!

Thank you!

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