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Building. Community. Together.

On #GivingTuesdayCA, East Scarborough Storefront celebrates the power and strength of all the people and and organizations that support and share our home: the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood - Our KGO. All together, we are building a vibrant, connected community.  And a connected community matters, because when we have one, people learn, live healthy lives, find meaningful work, play and thrive. 

How does your support translate into a connected KGO community? When you get involved with or donate to The Storefront, you foster positive change by building community in 5 key areas:

Community Wealth - your support builds pathways and connections for:
  • Developing a mobilized, trained and connected KGO workforce
  • Local businesses and organizations to become or remain viable contributors to their own community and wellbeing
  • An Increased sense of place and sense of responsibility to the local community among local institutions and businesses.
  • Improving the economic resiliency of the people in KGO

Community Knowledge - your support helps people have more:
  • Access to leadership development, capacity building, and formal and informal learning opportunities. 
  • Opportunities to learn about the resources available in the community
  • Awareness and knowledge about the economic, social and environmental systems that affect community well-being

Green Places and Spaces - Your commitment helps:
  • Increase the number and quality of publicly accessible places and spaces
  • Increase organic gardening knowledge and opportunity for local residents 
  • Increase the knowledge of and capacity of residents to lead green initiatives
  • Decrease KGO’s carbon footprint

Neighbours Helping Neighbours - Your involvement fosters increased:
  • Civic engagement opportunities
  • Collaboration between residents leads and formalized organizations
  • Capacity for residents to participate, volunteer and lead
  • Opportunities for celebration

Community Building Through Play - you’re a champion for increases in:
  • The overall enthusiasm in the neighbourhood for recreation  and physical activity, thereby increasing overall activity rates
  • resident leadership, collective organizing and volunteerism in recreation and sports activities in KGO
  • The use of local recreation and sport facilities by local residents
  • opportunities to participate in recreation and sports activities

On #GivingTuesdayCA 2016, we celebrate you and your commitment to East Scarborough and KGO!  Thank you for your passion, energy and effort in building up this community.

If you’re inspired by what’s happening in KGO at The Storefront, please

Please consider monthly giving. Community change takes people, patience and time. Your ongoing support of any amount helps fuel change that will last!

Join in the conversation: Let us know what makes KGO a Strong Community, and or what we might do together to make our community even stronger.

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Thank you!

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