First United Community Ministry

As we head into the holiday season, we see an increased need for comfort and community in the Downtown Eastside. It can be a very lonely time to be without family or shelter; as such, we take special care in providing opportunities to eat and share time together during the holidays. Good things happen when we gather around the table to break bread with our neighbours. Every week, we serve thousands of meals to any and all people who come seeking sustenance and acceptance. Weekday breakfast, lunch and tea-time are open to the whole community, and residents of our shelter enjoy 3 hearty meals a day, 7 days a week. We also offer special community meals on Fridays, most weekend lunches and holidays.

We are here to bring awareness to the multi-tiered programs we offer the people of our community on a daily basis and inspire potential donors to support our continued work. When we aren't putting on meals, we are offering legal advocacy, tax services, case planning, spiritual counsel, foot care, and social events such as karaoke, afternoon movies, beauty nights for the female residents, and art. We are here to not only provide basic needs but also provide an inclusive atmosphere where anyone can feel welcome and enjoy access to the little things that make being part of a community so enriching.

We are hoping to see Black Friday sized crowds coming to our Community Ministry the week of Giving Tuesday to donate gifts that will enable us to continue to keep people dry, warm, well fed, and appreciated this winter. It takes so little to provide so much, even the smallest donation has a palpable effect on our organization and the community we serve.

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