Friends of Fish Creek

ReWilding Through Restoration is a program that encourages the regeneration of natural ecosystems within Fish Creek Provincial Park, allowing current and future generations of Albertans to reconnect with, and wonder at, Alberta’s natural beauty.

·ReWilding Through Restoration involves the planting of poplars and  other native vegetation along the banks of Fish Creek in areas that have  become degraded by human activity.
·ReWilding Through Restoration serves to accelerate the natural processes along the creek, positively influencing the overall watershed health as vegetation quickly begins to grow and balance the system.
·Friends of Fish Creek volunteers take part in the planting, maintenance and monitoring of the ReWilding Through Restoration sites until the sites are fully established.
·ReWilding Through Restoration is only possible with the hands on support of  volunteers and through donations that allow us to purchase the necessary supplies and equipment to make it happen.

Together, ReWilding is possible!
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