Hospice Toronto


Hospice Toronto is Toronto’s first volunteer and community-based, not for profit, in-home hospice palliative care program. In 2013 Hospice Toronto provide services to 1,233 clients through over 44,000 hours of volunteer and direct staff support of compassionate care to the community. It’s of interest to note that these numbers reflect an increase over the past three years of 40% and nearly 70% respectively with no additional public sector program funding. By providing and advancing compassionate care and leadership in the volunteer-based, home hospice community, Hospice Toronto has become a recognized leader in providing high-quality, hospice care and support for people through all phases of their life-threatening illness, and their loved ones, at no charge. Our philosophy is Adding Life to Days. Your generous donation on Giving Tuesday will support our In Home, Bereavement and Children's Support Programs; Expressive Arts Therapy; Young Carers Program; and Advocacy & Consultation. We are grateful for the opportunity provided by Giving Tuesday, enabling us to leverage social media platforms to support our goal of raising awareness of our services and volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering please visit http://hospicetoronto.ca/Page.asp?IdPage=6776&WebAddress=hospice