Joy Bible Camp

For 70 years, Joy Bible Camp has remained true to the original vision that is echoed through the motto "lives changed...forever" through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our focus still remains, that we long for generations of people transformed forever through Joy Bible Camp --- cultivating in others a growing, authentic, and a contagious relationship with God.

Give the Gift of JOY this Giving Tuesday to help us continue the second chapter of JOY; the next 70 years. There are many ways to get involved:

Share the JOY - Sponsorships - Each year about 100 people are sponsored to come to camp. A donation of $600 sponsors a child to come to a week of camp.

Monthly for JOY - Our general fund supports our operations and covers our staffing, utilities, and upkeep costs that we are working on diligently to keep to a minimum.

Building JOY - We rely 100% on the generosity of people for capital funds to maintain and build our facilities. We are excited to expand our facilities so that we can continue to offer great camping programs.

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