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Some people don’t have the luxury to take work for granted.
Nan, 62, was homeless and unemployed.  A referral to JVS Toronto in January 2015 changed her life. Through JVS Toronto, Nan found temporary accommodations. Her work history, transferrable skills, and factors affecting her access to employment were examined.  Armed with a clear career goal and a targeted resume, Nan actively pursued jobs across Canada.  In May 2015, Nan eagerly accepted a position as daycare provider in a remote British Columbian town.  Today, Nan is settled in her new home and happily employed working with children. 
Give the power of employment.
Individuals like Nan need more than just a good cover letter and a resume to find a job.
Donations to JVS Toronto unleash the power of employment by supporting essential employment services for individuals like Nan.  Your donations work by funding specialized employment programs for at-risk youth, persons with developmental and learning disabilities, newcomers to Canada, the unemployed and underemployed.
Providing job search tools and know-how improves motivation.Giving direction, honest feedback, and working through setbacks builds confidence. Acing an interview, starting an apprenticeship, landing a job – this releases potential.
Give the power of employment today.  Help someone like Nan, who needs specialized support and guidance; achieve stability through employment and a better future

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