Kincardine Community Fund

Created in 2015 with seed money from Municipality of Kincardine, the Kincardine Community Fund exists to enrich the quality of life for the people of the Municipality of Kincardine by supporting projects of not-for-profit organizations within the municipality.
The Community Fund is in place to help the citizens of Kincardine to:
• Keep charitable donations working in Kincardine
• Participate in shaping the future by supporting the needs in our own community
• Create a lasting legacy for generations to come

How does it work?
All donations to the Kincardine Community Fund are invested in a pool of funds under the umbrella of the Community Foundation Grey Bruce (CFGB). The income earned from the capital of the Fund is distributed through grants to applicable not-for-profit organizations within the Municipality of Kincardine. The original donation is not touched, and continues to earn in perpetuity. Income tax receipts are issued to donors from the CFGB.

How you can donate?
• Gifts/donations • A bequest in your will • Life insurance policy/annuity • Charitable remainder trust • Securities/assets • Memorial or Celebratory Funds Benefits

• Your donation grows and keeps on giving
• Your gift directly enriches the quality of life in your community forever
• You receive a tax receipt for your gift
• Only the interest from your gift is used, your original donation earns in perpetuity.

If you are looking for a way to guarantee that your donation is going directly to benefit your community, then donating to the Kincardine Community Fund is right for you. Your donations will create a lasting legacy for this and future generations. Annual grants are distributed each year to qualified charities and organizations within Kincardine and surrounding area, through Community Foundation Grey Bruce, as recommended by the Fund Management Committee.

Who do I contact?
For more information, you can contact the Community Foundation Grey Bruce at 519-371-7203, or the Kincardine Community Fund c/o the Municipality of Kincardine 519-396-3468

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