My Class Needs Foundation

What do ukuleles, live specimens, and robotic kits have in common?  They can all inspire a student’s love for learning.
However, as the funding landscape for Canadian public schools changes these supplies, and hundreds of other resources, are becoming out of reach for teachers.  For students this could mean no music program, no school garden, or no coding club.
With 95% of teachers purchasing supplies for their own students, the resource gap in Canadian classrooms is growing.  Funding gaps and new technology create greater disparities with some teachers stretching budgets and concerned stakeholders seeking new supports to ensure no student is left behind.
Five years ago, My Class Needs was launched as a way to connect teachers with funding to purchase innovative resources for their classrooms.  We saw a need to support teachers who were digging into their own pockets to buy classroom supplies and those who had visions for student learning without the resources to make it a reality.  We made a commitment to enrich student learning through community giving.

By supporting a classroom in need you will help fund some pretty amazing learning experiences, like math games, drones, 3D printers, clean water projects, hiking trips, and one of my favourites, butterflies.  Some of the projects have been socially conscious too, involving the students giving back to the community, such as establishing a community garden in their neighbourhood or even donating 3D printed prosthetic limbs to those in need.
The right classroom supplies can make a big difference, which is why we’ve created the Student Innovation Fund, a grant program that will match project funds raised dollar for dollar.
By making a donation to the Student Innovation Fund, you will be helping a variety of classroom projects and learning goals.  From building kindergarten art galleries to inspiring Grade 12 STEM experiments, your donation will do more than enhance education – it will inspire a child’s love for learning.
Our future leaders and thinkers are in the classrooms right now -- don’t we want them to learn with the best materials and experiences possible? 
Help us close the resource gap to ensure that no student is left behind.  Please give to a classroom in need by making a donation to the Student Innovation Fund today.

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