OCAD University


OCAD University students, like many students, commute and spend over 8 hours per day on campus. But unlike other students, they don’t have access to a residence with kitchen space to prepare a home cooked meal.  This means most of our students need to buy at least two meals a day around campus.  The most nutritious options are also often the most expensive.  And it adds up...

Resorting to low-cost, unhealthy food is commonly considered part of being a student.  The truth is, students need nutritious meals to do well in school and for their physical and mental health.  

President Dr. Sara Diamond and our academic colleagues are coming together to tackle top level concerns, to ultimately lower costs for students so they can be successful. But this will not happen overnight. We need your immediate support.

This Giving Tuesday, your special gift is urgently needed for students to focus, fortify and flourish.  By fueling our students, you will fuel the future art and design leaders and the future workforce.

This exam period, please think about students when they don’t have the time to think about themselves.  Because we can’t ignite imaginations on an empty stomach.

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