Parents Engaged in Education

Parents Engaged in Education invite you to DREAM BIG with us to improve the lives of students in schools throughout Ontario by engaging their parents in their education resulting in increased academic achievement and physical/mental well-being.

Our DREAM BIG initiative is to inspire parents to DREAM BIG for their children and encourage them to strive to achieve these dreams! We are providing resources and tools to parents and to school communities to build positive communities that support all children in the school.

We are working in priority neighbourhoods to educate parents and school council members that children do better, feel safer and are more confident in school when there is parent role models who push them to have BIG DREAMS and work hard to achieve them.

We are donating our DREAM TREES (see below) to schools which when completed with students dreams is a living example of a school where students can be all that they want to be. Our goal is to put 100 DREAM TREES in schools in low income neighbourhoods throughout the province where parent engagement is traditionally low.

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