Radius Child and Youth Services


For almost 40 years, Radius Child and Youth Services has been committed to helping create positive change in the lives of children, youth and families affected by abuse, neglect and interpersonal violence.  Radius Child and Youth Services is working to end child abuse and provide timely, quality services and counselling to stop its devastating long-term effects.

This work takes time and commitment and we need the support of our communities to help keep children safe and ignite hope for their future. We believe no child should wait for our services or go without specialized care and counselling because of geography. Research clearly indicates that the longer a victim of childhood abuse remains on a waitlist, the greater their risk for re-victimization, social, emotional and physical difficulties, and family breakdown.

Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical therapists, psychometrists, clinical psychologists and clinical supervisors work collaboratively to deliver comprehensive, evidence-informed assessment and counselling. The critical support provided at Radius helps children and youth recognize and celebrate their strengths and work towards addressing problems, worries and concerns. Through our counselling services, they rediscover hope and start building futures free from abuse and full of possibilities.

Last year 426 children, youth and families received services at Radius. But, there are still children, youth and families who will wait up to 6 months for help. We believe no child should wait. Please support the work that we do this Giving Tuesday. $60 pays for 1 hour of treatment!

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