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Since 2009, Volunteer Wheels has provided over 2900 rides for seniors who have no other means of attending to their healthcare needs.  Many of our clients are unable to drive due to physical or financial limitations.  Often times, their medical appointments are too far from where they live making public transportation unviable.  Other means, such as taxis are expensive.  Many seniors are also living alone – friends are often in similar circumstances and family live far away.  The Volunteer Wheels program and the volunteer drivers are here to step in and help improve seniors access to health care.  When seniors use the program, they are able to live more independently, more socially well and in better health.

“To travel by taxi to the Vancouver Eye Clinic would have been a financial hardship. It is a wonderful service and relieves a patient of some of the stress involved in health care. Thank you.”
~ Volunteer Wheels Client

The Volunteer Drivers are an indispensable force of the Volunteer Wheels program.  Drivers are often an emotional support for clients who are socially isolated, or may be going through a time of uncertainty and fear of their medical condition.  Volunteers will often stay with their client if requested and provide companionship before and after the medical visit.  After a visit, the volunteers will ensure the client returns to the car safely, particular if a minor procedure has been completed (ie. eye drops) that may impeded mobility.  The client is returned home straight to their front door. This program may also offer a respite to caregivers who may have their own familiar, health, work, financial or other issues to attend to as well. 

“Knowing there is one place I can depend on is very uplifting. When my driver called me it made me feel special and worthy. That did a whole lot towards helping me feel less so very alone.  Thank you.”
~ Volunteer Wheels Client

A donation of...
$10 will help one senior travel to their GP for a prescription re-fill.
$20 will help one senior travel to a retinal specialist appointment for glaucoma treatment.
$30 will help one senior travel to BC Cancer Agency's Fraser Valley Centre for cancer treatment.
$55 will help one senior travel to St. Paul’s Hospital for an MRI.

Please help Sources build social wellness for our community. By donating on Giving Tuesday to our Volunteer Wheels program, you are giving seniors a chance at living longer, more independently and with greater access to essential medical care.

“Excellent service - I am particularly grateful as when I have to go the eye clinic, I am almost blind (temporary situation), I find the drivers most helpful and I can relax knowing the driver is thoroughly responsible and helpful.”
~ Volunteer Wheels Client

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