St. John Ambulance BC/Yukon

As Canada's leading first aid and safety charity, we are happy to support Giving Tuesday with our innovative charitable holiday program to directly motivate people to be SET™ for Safety all while making a direct impact with seniors and children in BC and Yukon local communities.
“There are so many gift options out there for the holidays and studies show people are spending less and wanting more,” comments Sandy Gerber, Marketing Director at St. John Ambulance (B.C. and Yukon). “We really wanted to create something unique and inspiring; meaningful gift sets with a social purpose that impact our local communities.”
According to a 2014 BMO study, the average Canadian will spend about $1,517 over Christmas, the lowest holiday spend in three years.  In 2015, the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy performed the “What Canadian Donors Want” survey and reported results that Canadians are looking for a clear mission and evidence of impact; trust in the charitable sector is rising; fewer donors are giving, but amount of gifts are increasing. 

St. John Ambulance has created a limited quantity of six “GiftSETs”, each with a Therapy Dog plush toy “Joy” and a special purpose that directly supports children, seniors, pets, families and communities. By purchasing a Moment of Joy GiftSET, you contribute to a unique moment of joy to those who need it in the local community. The Seniors’ GiftSET provides 10 senior residents with a visit from the charity’s Therapy Dog program, the Community GiftSET outfits volunteer Medical First Responders with two first aid kits for community events and the Children’s GiftSET helps three children improve their reading skills by sitting with, and reading to, an attentive and non-judgmental Therapy Dog of the Paws 4 Stories team. 

Included with every Moment of Joy gift set is a Certificate of Impact to note the buyer’s unique social contribution. To get SET™ with your special GiftSET this holiday season, visit
 Thank you on behalf of the entire St.John Ambulance BC/Yukon team.

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