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AWARENESS * EDUCATION * RESEARCH - GIVE HOPE! Canadians Raising awareness by sharing your personal stories about living with #EhlersDanlosSyndrome and #ChronicPain on the by submitting your story to [email protected] to feel empowered and help build a unified patient voice. Feeling Left Out stops here where we boldly say #DON'T-talk-about-us and Do Something to help raise awareness, education and the much needed research while giving to the #ILC on every #GivingTuesday. In Canada, we represent 1 in 5 people and children and youth are not spared Who live with debilitating conditions including misunderstood chronic pain. When we give voice, we can bring new information to those who have yet to learn. Let's celebrate ourselves on every #GivingTuesday whether you live with or care for someone with #EDS and #chronicpain.

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