USC Canada

Let's send 500 young Bangladeshi women to sustainable farming & seed saving training. Your donation of $10 covers the costs of enrolling one young woman in an intensive one year training program that will:

  • Show them how to plant, nurture, and harvest a bountiful and diversified home garden
  • Teach them how produce their own rich natural compost
  • Train them on how to select and save seeds from 13 key, nutritious food crops so they will always have seeds to plant for the next year
  • Help them to bring their surplus to local markets for sale

USC Canada helps establish organic home gardens that allow young women to feed their families healthy food AND produce enough surpluses to sell at local markets. The training you provide with a $10 donation is an essential piece of this.

Women are the cornerstone of sustainable, Earth-friendly agriculture. But women’s work on the farm is very often unpaid and informal in the developing countries where USC Canada works with small-scale farmers. Though women are usually the reason food makes it onto the family table, women’s skill and value are overlooked and their work goes unrecognized.

To achieve food security and grow rural economies, women need to be acknowledged and supported. Everyone wins when women are able to reach their full potential.

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