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This Giving Tuesday, let's raise $10,000.00 to build a community seed bank in Timor Leste! 

By giving a gift toward building seed banks in Timor Leste this Giving Tuesday, you are truly helping to make sure there is a steady supply of local, nutritious food for communities in the country. Your support will help farmers stay one step ahead of climate change – a must for the food future of the country, communities and families. 

There are so many ways a donation this Giving Tuesday can make a difference. Here are just a few:

  • $10.00 gets 10 jars to store seeds in
  • $30.00 gives seed bank access and support to one family
  • $50.00 builds a compost pit for the community garden
  • $100.00 trains one farmer in seed saving and banking so they can help run their community's seed bank

We want to be able to provide training and support to the full complement of 10 local people needed to run the community seed bank. That is 10 people who will learn valuable skills for saving seeds and conserving diversity, and go on to become an invaluable resource to their community. The services seed banks provide are a crucial part of helping farmers and their families grow good food AND adapt to a changing, unpredictable climate.

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