Voice Found


We are raising funds to continue and further our work in Nunavut. Donations will help us to translate and localize existing training, develop some additional content and train the appropriate facilitators to deliver this much-needed training in northern communities.

Here's an article from CBC North about some work we did last year.

Voice Found is a survivor-led Canadian non-profit that educates individuals and organizations on how to identify, prevent, and respond to child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. We provide victim services, peer support and employment opportunities for those seeking to exit the sex trade in Eastern Ontario.

We deliver training and outreach to youth-serving organizations, parents, health care providers and law enforcement that focuses on the prevalence of the issues of sexual exploitation and abuse, how to identify those who are at risk and how to intervene.

Survivor-led peer support is provided to those seeking to exit the sex trade. We work with a highly connected network to identify and provide immediate and long-term support that is trauma-informed, victim-centered and available 24/7.

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