Wes for Youth Online


Founded in 2012 by Yolanda and Jamie Cameron after losing their son, Wes, to suicide, WES for Youth Online aims to be a hub for youth mental and emotional wellness support in Grey, Bruce Counties and surrounding areas. WES for Youth provides: An online safe space where teens in Grey Bruce and surrounding areas can express themselves and get free support from professional, non-judgemental counsellors. This one-on-one connection, away from any office, or the eyes and opinions of others gives teens the opportunity to share their feelings and concerns and deal with their life issues privately in a manner familiar and comfortable to them. Resources for teens and parents. Available 24/7, our online Resource Centre provides high-quality, reliable information about a variety of mental health and emotional wellness issues. Our new bricks and mortar Resource Centre located in Walkerton is a community hub for sharing and learning around mental wellness and emotional support and life issues affecting teens and their parents. Insight, inspiration and support. Real teens who are ready to tell their stories of coping with and overcoming mental health issues are encouraged and supported in contributing these to the WES website so that others know it’s ok to have problems, it’s ok to ask for help because your Life is Worth Living. Opportunities to give back to your community and support the young people who are its future. WES for Youth Online depends on the generosity of its supporters to achieve its goals. Continued contributions (large and small) of funds, time, expertise and goodwill are critical to our success.

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