Moisson Montreal and I Can Go Without Partner for GivingTuesday

icgo 2What would one less coffee a week mean to you? With I Can Go Without, a social giving platform, giving up one single coffee or downsizing your morning latte, will save $1. That looney can provide one child with healthy food for an entire month! I Can Go Without has partnered with Moisson Montréal to raise 500$ on #GivingTuesdayCa - #MardiJeDonne.

Raising $500 will help Moisson Montreal feed 44 children for an entire month. If 500 users went without one single cup of coffee or just gave $1, that would mean three healthy meals per day for 44 children! For the first edition of GivingTuesdayCa, we encourage you to download “I Can Go Without” available on iOS and donate to our Moisson Montreal project.

Today, the strength and reach of our connected social networks can ignite change in real, concrete ways. Every micro-donation counts!

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