Spread A Little Kindness This GivingTuesday & Earn Cash For A Cause



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by Sabrina Nicosia, National Marketing Director, GreedyGiver.com

Giving makes you happier. And healthier. These are known facts. Giving allows you to connect with fellow humans, boosts your immune system & gives you a sense of belonging in this big, vast complex world.

But finding time for volunteering or setting aside extra cash to donate to charity can be tough and is often a barrier for those that aspire to be more philanthropic.

What if performing small, everyday acts of kindness could earn you extra dough that could then, in turn, be donated to the charity of your choice?

Canadian crowdfunding site GreedyGiver.com is making that happen through the launch of The GivingTuesday Challenge — a rallying cry for Canadians to “be inspired & get involved” this GivingTuesday. The task is simple:

Use everyday acts of kindness to raise $250 for something that matters to you.

It’s easy. YOU choose the acts of kindness you are willing to perform, the required donation amount, and the charity you would like to donate the funds to. For example, “Give $25 to my campaign and I will buy coffee for someone behind me in line.” OR “Give $10 and I will compliment 2 people today.

A campaign only takes a few minutes to create. You can even add pictures & video of you performing your acts of kindness! Once your campaign has been launched, you’ll have access to a ton of cool pre-designed inspirational posts for you to share on Facebook & Instagram.

So spread a some love & kindness in your community this GivingTuesday. Not only will you be cultivating buckets of happiness for those around you as well as some much needed funds for a worthy cause, but you’ll also be generating a bit of good karma for yourself too. And who doesn't need more of that?!

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