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In 2015, the 3rd year for GivingTuesday in Canada, there was a groundswell of GivingTuesday activity, organized by local civic groups in 22 cities across the country. Mayors from coast to coast proclaimed December 1st, 2015 as “GivingTuesday”. These civic movements created a platform for a deeper level of engagement between charities, businesses and local residents. 

One such civic group, Halifax Gives More, rallied with the mantra "The most philanthropic city in Canada". Organizers celebrated GivingTuesday with many events around the city in an unprecedented spirit of collaboration. Halifax leaders announced on December 2, 2015 that total donations and new commitments had reached over $5 million.

But a community giving day like GivingTuesday is about so much more than just raising funds. Across Canada, communities celebrated and practiced all kinds of giving, with highlights including 24k pounds of onions and carrots for food hampers in Kitchener, 70 blood donations in Waterloo, 1,200 clothing items donated in Mississauga, 1,100 hugs for charity in Halifax and many, many volunteering commitments from coast to coast.

Perhaps what is most inspirational is the spirit of community and co-operation that civic organizers saw for GivingTuesday.

“It was amazing to see so many great organizations coming together to build awareness and raise funds. Their was no spirit of competition, but rather people asking how we could support one another”

-GuelphGives co-organizer Lindsay Sytsma.

In 2016, we want to inspire more cities to participate in GivingTuesday with their own, community-wide campaigns. We will support them with tools and resources for organizing GivingTuesday in a local community. To help get these civic movements started we have created a toolkit and we are rallying GivingTuesday leaders in communities across the country.

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