Could Guelph Be Canada’s Most Generous City?

BD_GG_FINAL_BLUE by Brittney Dudar, Alumni Advancement Manager, Parents & Telefundraising, University of Guelph

It’s official: the GivingTuesday planning is well underway in Guelph, Ontario! It’s been weeks and months in the making, but this an exciting time for the Guelph Gives team. As part of this announcement Guelph is throwing down the gauntlet to other cities across our nation. We believe that Guelph could be the most generous city in Canada, are you willing to launch GivingTuesday in your own city to try and prove us wrong?

 The Guelph Gives Launch

We had been so inspired by the Bmore Gives More campaign in Baltimore last GivingTuesday, that after having a conversation with the team behind the Bmore campaign we decided it just might be possible to pull it off in Guelph, too. On Thursday, June 26th, the idea for “Guelph Gives” was pitched to a packed boardroom of Executive Directors, Social Activists, Corporate Leaders, Advertising and Digital Gurus, City Officials and all-around do-gooders.

At the end of the presentation, each hand around the table was raised in the air in support of moving forward – it was amazing! What an amazing and enthusiastic response from our community, not to mention the fact that this is a group of the busiest people in the city!

With the unanimous encouragement from the community, and with a now established steering committee in place, the real work has begun. Our first steps have included forming sub-committees, a work back plan, an official budget, sponsorship packages, a communications plan and connecting with individuals who should either be on the steering committee or aware that GivingTuesday is happening in Guelph. We recently confirmed our first sponsors (Scotiabank and Sleeman) and have had in-kind contributions by local businesses who can help to make Guelph Gives a success.

 Making it Happen

We have established a steering committee comprised of over 20 Guelph community leaders, have had Alexis Lockhart contribute her amazing design skills in creating our logo (pro bono) and…drum roll please…we launched our website this week! Check out courtesy of GiantGoat Web Development (who did the site pro bono as well!). We also presented at Guelph’s City Council this week to share our plans with the city officials and encourage their support of the initiative on social media and in their extended networks.

Giving Tuesday is happening in Guelph, Ontario on December 2nd, 2014 and we hope that you will be part of the GivingTuesday movement as well, wherever you are!

 Wanting to get started?

Our biggest piece of advice (so far) for anyone looking to launch GivingTuesday in your community would be to avoid cynicism, self-doubt or the overwhelming feeling of where to start. Just go for it - even if it’s just you as one person advocating to move the idea forward. Ask and you shall receive! Our enthusiasm and love for Guelph has only grown and the positive response we have seen from our community leaders in rallying behind this vision has firmly reinforced that this is not only possible, it’s happening, it’s going to be big and it can happen in your community too!

So let’s get this started folks! The Guelph Gives team would love some friendly competition from other like-minded and generous cities. We won’t all wear the title of Canada’s “most generous city” but we could all be part of an even greater vision: making Canada the most generous country in the world! Who’s up for it?

Tune into the GivingTuesday webinar next Tuesday, September 16th at 1pm ET where we will be sharing more about the Guelph Gives story, our strategy so far and our plans for December 2nd.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions about what we’re doing for GivingTuesday.

 -The Guelph Gives Team. 1 City. 1 Day. $1 Million.

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